Experienced professionals with strong business acumen and flair for recruitment,headhunting ,training, sales and marketing have come together to add vitamins in the career of talented people.
Recruitment,Headhunting ,Training, and Educational Program
Our team of experts work with both employers and potential candidates to facilitate a successful match, whether it is advising  clients on a candidate sourcing strategy or helping a job seeker take the next step in their career.Our recruitment services will set you on the path for success.
We offer following services:-
  • Recruitments - Refers to the process of attracting, screening, and selecting the most qualified people for opportunities.
  • Headhunting -We provides headhunting services to our clients, which refers to identifying and attracting the best experienced person with the required skill set from a mapped market of client's domain of expertise.It is the skillful presentation of the job opportunity to possibly dormant candidates and to arouse their interest in the opportunity.We are the catalysts in this process and work towards the successful on boarding of the candidate as a win-win proposition.Our expertise lies in conducting a search for senior management talents including Board Member, CEO, COO and other senior and middle management profiles.
  • Training -We at Career Vitaminz provides specialised trainings as per the industry requirements .
Specialised in Sales Trainings,Leadership Trainings , Soft Skills trainings and content training in various domains of Banking and Insurance.
  • Educational Program-Shortly we will be starting various educational programs series in various domain areas for freshers.
 At Career Vitaminz, we measure our success through the successs acheived by people whom we are associated, be it client or candidates.We strongly believe in growth of all stakeholders associated with us ,as when they will grow, we will also grow.We act as a catalyst in growth for all.
We believe in three basic core values.These are :-
  1. Partnership : We work as extended HR with our  clients and help them achieving the best manpower and at same time add vitamins to the careers of talented people.
  2. Commitment : We remain committed to deliver high quality services to both candidates and clients by adequately understanding their needs.
  3. Innovation : We will alwas keep on improving and innovating things .We are here to delight both our clients and candidates in everything we do.